Determining if you should buy or rent depends on personal preference, financial stability, and lifestyle. Buying a home is a BIG decision, consider the pros and cons of each before making that decision.


Build Equity - Equity is the difference between what your home is worth and the what you owe on the mortgage. With home values on the rise you are sure to build equity.

Freedom to Modify - You can modify your home to your liking. Make upgrades, change the paint color, the possibilities are endless.

Homeownership Pride 

Monthly mortgage payment may be less than renting - With rental rates at an all time high your monthly mortgage may be lower then renting.


DownpaymentBuying a home requires upfront costs for downpayment and closing cost.

Repairs & Maintenance - You are fully responsible for repairs and routine maintenance.

Limits Mobility - If you decide you want to move to another neighborhood, town, or state you will need to first sell or rent the property.




Less Upfront Cost 

Repairs and  Maintenance - Landlord takes care of routine maintenance and repairs.

Freedom to Move - Renting allows you to move frequently without the hassle of selling or renting your home first.

Utilities and HOA Fees - HOA fees are paid by the landlord and some utilities may also be included.


Rental Rate Increases - Landlord may raise your rent with each lease extension.

Renting Does Not Build Equity

Less Stability - Landlord can decide not to extend your lease when it expires, forcing you to move.

Landlord Access - Landlords have the right to inspect the property that you are renting with proper notice.

Modification - When you rent a property you are not free to modify it to your liking.


See How We Can Help You With The Decision


At Coastal Pioneer Realty our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional service to make the home buying process as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

Preparing to Shop

Get pre-approved - Getting pre-approved helps to determine what you can afford so that you can be sure that you are searching for homes in your price range. Click Here to start the pre-approval process with Motto Mortgage our preferred partner.

Finding the Right Buyer's Agent

Why you need a Buyer's Agent - Buying a home is one of the biggest decision a person makes in their lives. It is important that you choose an agent that has negotiating skills, market knowledge, and above all, your best interest in mind. Give us a call today and let us help you find your perfect home.

Finding Your Perfect Home

Start Your Search - Coastal Pioneer Realty will help you find your perfect home by setting up a detailed search that is tailored to your preferences. You will receive these listings via e-mail as soon as they hit the market so that you can be one of the first to view the property.

Making An Offer and Negotiating

Determining an offer strategy - Once you found your dream home Coastal Pioneer Realty will assist you to determine an offer strategy, which includes your initial offer price with room for negotiation, earnest money deposit (typically 1% - 2% of the offer price), inspection period, contingencies and other contract details. In order to help you determine your strategy we will prepare a comparative market analysis on the property. A Comparative Market Analysis is an examination of the prices at which similar properties in the same area recently sold.

Submitting a formal offer - Once the initial offer price and other terms are determined Coastal Pioneer Realty will prepare a formal offer and submit it. Typically the seller will respond within 24-48 hours with an acceptance, counteroffer or decline. If the seller counteroffers, you may choose to accept the offer or counter their offer.

Earnest Money Deposit, Financing and Inspections

Submitting the Earnest Money Deposit - Once the offer is accepted the buyer must deliver the Earnest Money Deposit to the escrow. This must be done within the timeframe outlined in the purchase contract (typically within 3 days from the date the contract was fully executed)

Applying for a Mortgage - The next step in the process is applying for a mortgage. the buyer must apply for a mortgage within the timeframe specified in the purchase contract (typically within 5 days from the date the contract was fully executed).

Inspections - Coastal Pioneer Realty will schedule all inspections that the buyer wishes to do. These inspection must be conducted within the inspection period. If repairs are needed we will prepare a inspection contingency report that will outline the repairs that you are requesting that that seller complete prior to closing. Below is a list of inspections that a buyer may need to do when buying a home:

  • Full Home Inspection
  • Wood Destroying Organism Inspection
  • Well Inspection (if the home has a well)
  • Septic Tank Inspection (If the home has a septic tank)
  • 4-Point Inspection - May be needed for your homeowners insurance policy.
  • Wind Mitigation - May reduce your homeowner's insurance policy.

Closing Day

Preparing for Closing -Remember to Schedule the Movers and also the utilities to be turned on in your name.

Final Walk Through - Coastal Pioneer Realty will schedule the final walk through of the property. The purpose of the final walk through is to verify all items listed on the inspection contingency report have been completed.

What to Expect at Closing


The Final Step, Moving In and creating incredible memories.


Real Estate Buying Process
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